Escape To Mars

by Lipstick



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Lipstick is the post-apocalyptic beauty. There's never been a more important time to listen to this album; it reflects the world we live in today and cries for change.
Escape to Mars EP consists of 4 surreal, thoughtfully-constructed tracks produced by Andreas Dorwarth and Krystal Bell, which push us to discover the boundaries of reality and our human perspective.

Highspeed Racer - Start the journey, discover your destination. Driving bass and tight hyper-drums mimic sounds of a futuristic city buzz, tickling your feet to dance. Krystal's dreamy vocals send a message to stand true to what you believe and sing your own song. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Time Has Come - A marching drum and high-hat reveal the sounds of change, intricately decorated with magical female vocals, filled with love and passion. Imagine a lush, untouched rain forest where no man has gone before; only to be destroyed upon first human contact. Krystal sings, "The time has come to bite the the price for what we've done."

Helicopter Rain - This song captures the very essence of the post-apocalyptic beauty. The thumping drum of your heart beat tells me your still alive, after the 'Helicopter Rain' and 'black birds' in the night have left the city in ruins. We will survive... this is the feeling of undying hope and compassion.

Like So Many - In a vibrant, full and connected, one can still feel alone and disconnected. This playful, dramatic tune is a party in cosmic bubble surrounded by the stars. Krystal's sweet lyrics in German & English leave the listener with feelings of hope and desire. She sings 'to be amongst the stars' sharing the idea of transcending above all negativity. Nothing but love.


released October 15, 2016

Lipstick - Escape To Mars
Written and produced by Andreas Dorwarth & Krystal Bell
Mastering and additional mixing by Florian Malicke
Cover design by Susana Licéaga
Electrolyt 2016 [elyt08]



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Lipstick Germany

Lipstick are Andreas Dorwarth and Krystal Bell. The duo uses computers, drum maschines, percussion instruments and voices to produce enchanting, repetitive tunes, which oscillate in between the boundaries of electro, house, pop, dub and Idm.

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